• Greg Brockhouse

Brockhouse Releases Comprehensive Public Safety Plan

“Build a Safe Community for Everyone” Plan Has Seven Objectives

SAN ANTONIO, TX — San Antonio mayoral candidate Greg Brockhouse today released a comprehensive, seven-part public safety plan that he will implement if he is elected Mayor of San Antonio. “Ron Nirenberg must be honest and tell us,” said Brockhouse. “Does he support police officers and their contract, or does he want to remove their contract and defund our police? Voters deserve to know where the Mayor stands. Ron's relentless war on the San Antonio Police Department has had terrible consequences for our city and when I am elected Mayor, we will put public safety first,” Brockhouse said. “The statistics tell the story. Homicides rose 34%, the fourth highest increase in America. Violent crime is up 25%. Aggravated assaults are up 27%. Meanwhile, Ron Nirenberg sides with radicals pushing to defund our police. Are you safer today in San Antonio than you were four years ago? My comprehensive plan will build a safer community for everyone in San Antonio.” BUILD A SAFE COMMUNITY FOR EVERYONE. Objective 1: Implement the COVID 19 Action Plan. 1. Revamp COVID response team to include all members of Council

  • Eliminate the daily briefing and replace with marketing outreach targeted through social media, door to door canvassing and call center outreach

2. Vaccine rollout Shock and Awe plan

  • Immediately initiate a Vaccine Registry

  • Open up vaccine locations in all city quadrants, all city council districts

  • Strict adherence to phased rollout qualifications

i. Determine process to ensure residents receive vaccine priority

  • Increase outreach efforts to prepare for mass vaccinations as vaccine quantities drastically increase

i. This should include the use of outbound call centers to be proactive in pushing signup

ii. A canvassing strategy to deliver the technology for vaccine enrollment straight to doorsteps

iii. The City must go to the citizen

  • Do not waste any vaccines with poor fall back procedures for available dosages. Wait lists must be encouraged, verified and regulated and the City must lead with expectations

3. Create Mobile Medical Units to go from nursing home to nursing home until every person is vaccinated

  • Move to drive thru vaccinations as a large portion of our senior population will not want to travel to City mega sites

4. Continue to push expedited testing and subsidized costs for expedited testing results

  • Assign funds to ramp up training employees to administer vaccinations

  • Fully fund mass vaccination sites and expand access and bring in every private partner possible through the use of federal dollar re-allocation

5. 2nd dose vaccine accountability

  • Accountability measures in place for 2nd dose contact follow up

i. Ensure as much contact and secondary contact info is available to push for 2nd dose follow up

  • Regional vaccine rollout to facilitate 2nd dose completion

6. Education upgrade on all types of testing

7. Revamp all business COVID operating procedures

  • Total and complete consistency

  • Open Up and Mask Up. Restore trust to our restaurants and bars and keep them open

  • Create a mutually approved set of expectations for accountability to safety procedures

  • Lead the conversation on respectful disagreement on mask usage

8. Identify who cannot return to work due to COVID complications. Create a job strategy for at home employment opportunities

9. Create a COVID primary care giver “return to work” game plan

  • Identify who and how many stayed home to care for children as schools shut down. Head count? Return to work training needs? Identify, game plan and fund a recovery plan

  • Partner with Workforce Alamo and the Alamo Colleges to lead the “return to work” training program

Objective 2: During the 2021 Mayoral Campaign, defeat the FixSAPD ballot initiative. Action Plan: 1. Deliver facts regarding the removal of the police contract and its effects on pay, manpower and public safety

2. Advocate for a vote against the FixSAPD ballot referendum to remove the police contract

3. Following defeat of the ballot initiative, re-engage Fix SAPD community activists to fold in their concerns into a comprehensive police accountability matrix

Objective 3: Reduce the jail population by examining the City of San Antonio’s role in restorative and humane justice. Action Plan: 1. Perform a full sunset review within every City department to produce funding for restorative justice programming

  • Examine debt revenues, bond refinances, taxing districts and any revenue generating City option to find up significant funding for restorative justice programming and infrastructure funding

  • Convene a Public Safety Restorative Justice Committee to allocate funds to programming, led by community activists, nonprofits and faith-based leaders

  • Funding options include, but are not limited to:

i. Recidivism reduction through employment, wage improvement and job placement ii. Establish a mental health diversion program for law enforcement service calls. This includes 911 training, upgrades to 911 systems and upgrades to law enforcement reporting and tracking methodologies iii. Increased training for law enforcement and detention locations for issues affecting people of color and the LGBTQIA communities

iv. Data driven studies on the effects of cite and release and bail process improvements within Bexar County. Use data based on clear and accurate local statistics to build policy improvements

2. In partnership with Bexar County, examine our local prison system, its population demographics and employee morale. Reducing populations in the criminal justice process saves taxpayer money

  • We must merge magistration processes and understand the City’s role in the jail crisis

  • Establish a mental health mandate to create the appropriate handling of suspects and inmates to the right accountability response

i. Mental health focus begins at SAPD interaction to ensure we are making the initial interaction with the right personnel. Police officers need to be supported, trained and kept on duty to remove criminal elements, not be mental health counselors

ii. We must partner to create a humane response for those with mental health concerns and for all citizens who engage our criminal justice system from SAPD to the County

  • Target goals developed for reduction in prison population

  • Target goals developed for upgrading humane conditions throughout the legal process

3. Upgrade the 911 processing systems and training mechanisms to clearly identify mental health calls and ensure it requires an SAPD response

Objective 4: Identify neighborhood crime statistics and target high crime locations. Action Plan: 1. Direct SAPD to conduct a thorough crime analysis of every neighborhood for delivery to neighborhood leadership

  • Determine accurate number of neighborhood patrols currently in process

  • Work with SAPD to focus on more patrols and frequent police officer presence and coordinate with HOA’s on rotation timing

2. Determine the ranked priority of high crime areas. Stack rank neighborhoods and determine where to begin crime control programs

3. Conduct the San Antonio Crime Summit and publish all data for total transparency

  • The Summit will deal in fact, corresponding crime rates and neighborhood goals for reduction of criminal activity

  • Include SAPD, Code Compliance, Graffiti Abatement, Animal Care Services, and County officials in targeted sweeps of high crime areas

4. Ensure every neighborhood meeting is staffed by qualified and well trained SAFFE officers. SAFFE officers will ALWAYS deliver crime statistics and key crime control educational materials to community/neighborhood meetings

  • Increase SAFFE officer positions and ramp up community policing outreach programming

Objective 5: Identify key SAPD and SAFD staffing metrics and fund SAPD and SAFD to level commensurate with like sized municipalities. Action Plan: 1. Request City staff to publish complete and accurate staffing numbers for the community

  • Staffing must be reviewed for SAPD and SAFD

  • Staffing numbers should not be based on our local authorized positions determined by City leadership. We must staff according to true community policing and EMS needs and be based on nationally recognized metrics

  • Determine a timeline to eliminate the staffing gaps. Fully fund ALL first responder positions

2. Finalize the appropriate metric for the required number of police officers, EMS and firefighters and create the tiered strategy to full staffing

Objective 6: Partner in contract negotiations with union leadership to establish win-win goals with regards to morale, pay, benefits and discipline. Action Plan: 1. Create police officer focus groups that gauge morale and training needs. Help identify core competencies for police officer mental well-being and training goals

  • Perform a historical review of all overtime trends, by substation

  • Review overtime impacts on morale and policing response

  • Offer recommendations to drastically reduce overtime

2. Create a mayoral advisory team to guide policy with regards to our policing efforts. This working group will be the voice for our minority and underserved communities with a direct monthly meeting with the mayor

  • Discussions will focus on previous month’s accountability metrics with regards to officer complaints, use of force incidents and all facts surrounding interactions

3. Initiate a top-down review of all technology utilized in report writing and data analysis

  • All metrics will be reviewed for total transparency and public access

  • Software will be reviewed for upgrade to ensure SAPD has the best tools for reporting and data tracking

4. Have an honest and open conversation on police discipline, together with the union leadership, police officer focus groups and community activists. A police officer must be afforded appropriate protections to do the job, but we must weed out and remove bad officers

  • Work from a shared standard of data on real use of force and termination statistics

  • Allow access to a full officer’s file during any disciplinary process

Objective 7: Ensure the data integrity of all surveillance information, personal information and data obtained by law enforcement and City Hall. Action Plan: 1. Conduct a full cyber review of all data obtained by local law enforcement and any city entity. Know who is collecting personal and/or legally protected information

  • Include sources of data and all data compilation, contracts and storage facilities

2. Develop strict policies and procedures for data storage, ensuring protection for our citizens whenever they engage local government

  • Do not allow for 3rd party entities to obtain or utilize sensitive citizen information or data

BACKGROUND Greg Brockhouse was elected to the City Council in 2017 and previously served the city in several senior roles for other members of the City Council. He served in the U.S. Air Force for nine years. He is a graduate of Texas State University. Learn more about Greg Brockhouse and his campaign by visiting http://www.GregBrockhouse.com.