• Greg Brockhouse

Brockhouse Accepts KSAT / SA Report Televised Mayoral Debate

Nirenberg in Hiding for 21 Days, Still Refusing to Debate

SAN ANTONIO, TX — San Antonio mayoral candidate Greg Brockhouse today accepted a televised debate invitation issued by KSAT-TV, the San Antonio Report and Bexar Facts, expected to be held the first week of April.

“Thank you to the debate partners for this invitation and for challenging Ron Nirenberg to actually show up and debate the future of our City,” said Brockhouse. “It is time for Ron to emerge from his safe space and be accountable to the voters. Small businesses, frontline workers, and our service industry are still suffering. Crime is absolutely out of control. We lack a vaccine registry that every other big city in Texas implemented. I guarantee you the lobbyists and special interests who give him millions have no trouble getting him on the phone, but ask any neighborhood leader, small business owner, or taxpayer the last time they saw or heard from Ron. San Antonio voters deserve answers, and it is time for Ron to finally show up and be accountable.”


Greg Brockhouse was elected to the City Council in 2017 and previously served the city in several senior roles for other members of the City Council. He served in the U.S. Air Force for nine years. He is a graduate of Texas State University.

Learn more about Greg Brockhouse and his campaign by visiting http://www.GregBrockhouse.com.